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Static web sites really only serve the needs of a very small number of businesses. Content needs to be changed, yet a full time web developer is not within the means of many small business owners. And having to arrange and pay for an outside source to update content can become a constant headache. A simple content management system can be an effective solution to this problem, allowing non technical staff to update site content on a regular basis without knowledge of HTML or CSS.

If your business requires more than just simple web content updates, more sophisticated CMS solutions are also available that allow complete control over your web site structure, content, and appearance.

Many applications that began as simple content management systems have grown into full fledged portal and community site builders. These go far beyond simple content management and create fully interactive sites where visitors can participate and contribute content through forums, blogs, photo galleries, and chat. Providing a place for people of like minds to socialize is a very good way to promote your business services or products to a targeted market.

From simple open source content management programs to customized systems developed from scratch, I have worked with almost all of them. Depending on your specific needs I can help you to select, install, design, and if necessary customize and add features to many open source applications that are available today. If for some reason any of these does not fill your need then I can write code that adds missing functions or features or changes the way existing ones work until you have the right solution for your particular purpose.


We were looking for a reliable Cold-Fusion developer to assume responsibility for our E-commerce site, both in order to implement new applications and maintain existing code. Forrest hit the ground running and we could not be happier! Hes very quick to respond to our needs and to implement practical solutions. I highly recommend Forrest to any organization looking for trustworthy, reliable, and highly skilled Cold-Fusion developer.

Gene G.
American Home & Property Services, LLC

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No matter what your hosting needs, I have developed a relationship with several reliable, affordable web hosts and can even assist you in site migration.

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