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Organization: Streeter's Electronics (formerly Streeter's Treasure Hunting Supply)

George Streeter
307 Main Street
Marlborough, NH  03455
(603) 876-4443

Programs: PostNuke (Open Source PHP CMS), OsCommerce (OpenSource PHP Cart)
Work performed:

George had been left with an outdated web site and old Miva Merchant store that he could no longer update because his webmaster had disappeared. I offered to help by building a dynamic web site, easily updated, and integrated with an e-commerce solution that would better serve his business. Because budget was an issue I decided to take a look at open source software.

PostNuke was chosen for content management at the time because of it's popularity and large base of community support and contributing developers as well as it being able to provide a membership based web solution. George also publishes a small treasure hunting newspaper so the system also needed to provide easy news and article managment. After learning enough PHP to fix buggy modules and even modify others to fit his needs, he finally had a functional community site for his clubs and friends to participate in. In the process I also managed to integrate a better html editor control and was able to provide this integration to other members of the PostNuke community.

The next step was an e-commerce solution that would be separate from the magazine and community site, but able to be integrated enough to allow the magazine traffic to be directed to the storefront. For this OSCommerce was chosen, and again after some bug fixing and customization, the store was ready to use. I was able to fix a broken module for PostNuke that allows random products from the store to be featured on the site as well as a dynamic list of product categories available.

The combination and partial integration has worked quite well, resulting in increased store sales as well as greatly increasing the exposure of his store, his clubs, and the events that he organizes. I am still the active webmaster for these sites and soon George might have me set up a forums only web site.

Dates: January, 2003 to present

Forrest Mahannah is the definition of a web site mechanic, he helped me with my website www.allsportsroom.com and all the custom work I asked for was built for me in very timely manner and he also made sure it worked perfectly.

There is no other programmer/developer I ever see myself doing business with besides Forrest. He's very professional, answered all of my questions and is very easy to stay in contact with. I truly recommend him to anybody that's serious about getting help with their website. He's the most honest, dependable and reliable person you can do business with. Thanks once again Forrest you're the best .. hands down!!

Ervin Thomas, owner
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