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Web Programming

With today's internet, a static html web site is simply not enough for most businesses. Interactivity and dynamic content are needed to capture and keep the potential customers attention. To accomplish this requires programming, scripts written in any number of different languages that produce the end results you need. With today's technology there really are no limits, if you can conceive it then there is a way out there to achieve it. This is where I can help.

Over the years I have contributed to the development of so many web sites that to be honest I don't remember them all, and sadly many of them for various reasons have not withstood the test of time so I cannot show them to you. However, as a result of working with so many different small businesses with as many different needs, I have developed the ability to translate business needs and visions into reality without the need to overwhelm you with techno-babble. If you can explain or show by example what you want, then I can make it happen. If you are not sure exactly what you need, then I can help guide you to the right solutions. If there is already code available that serves your requirements, then I will find it for you. If not, then I will modify existing code to meet your needs. And if by chance there is nothing available on the market then I will write the entire application from scratch.

Client Relationships

If you review my portfolio and testimonials, you will see that I have developed close personal relationships with my clients that have lasted many years. Many of them were not internet-savvy to begin with so I was able to share my knowledge of what is possible with them to allow them to make better decisions about what they really needed at each stage of their internet business development. The exchange was always positive and a learning experience for all parties involved. I have often been challenged but have always succeeded.

Experience = Results

You have probably noticed that I don't use a lot of technical jargon and fancy abbreviations to try to describe what I am capable of. There are several reasons for this but first and foremost, what really matters to most clients is the end result fulfilling their needs and not the technology or methods used to produce the desired outcome. The truth is that if you have seen it done on the web, then I have probably been there and done that more than once and using more than one language or platform. And more importantly if you have not seen it done yet then I would welcome the challenge of making it happen for the first time. For those of you who require a list, here are just some of the projects I have been involved in:

  • Database integration
  • Database conversion and migration
  • Data collection, processing, storage, and reporting
  • Web form processing, simple and complex
  • Content management
  • Polls/Surveys
  • Photo galleries
  • Forums/Discussion boards
  • Membership sites
  • Shopping carts
  • Payment gateway integration (Paypal, Authorizenet, Verisign, etc)
  • Shipping API integration (USPS, UPS, Fedex, Intershipper)
  • Mailing list management and processing
  • Community/Portal sites
  • Electronic publishing
  • File sharing - uploads, downloads, storage, access permissions
  • Banner ad rotation and statistics tracking



As the owner of WSI Logix I have worked with numerous web developers and without a doubt Forrest is the best. His knowledge of his craft is only surpassed by his integrity. We used Forrest to develop a solution for one of our existing clients. Forrest was able to architect the solution, deliver the solution and train the customer on how to use the solution. The best part is that Forrest delivered the project on time and on budget. We are now looking for more ways to use Forrest and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a world class web developer.

Scott Robbins
President / Marketing Consultant
WSI Logix - We Simplify the Internet
Loreto Bay

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No matter what your hosting needs, I have developed a relationship with several reliable, affordable web hosts and can even assist you in site migration.

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